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Drama Mama (Test)

April 13, 2018 - July 13, 2018 12:00 am SICCI

During my Student Internship Programme (SIP), I consider myself fortunate to have got into a production company (Digital Blowfish Pte Ltd) which was working on a local feature film at that point of time.  Well, I guess it was a one in a million opportunity!  It was like working in a company that is somewhat like a mini “MM2 Entertainment”!

Baji is not only my sister but also my best friend. She has four kids, and I’m convinced she tells them to play extra loudly before she calls me so I can feel better about having only two. They’re among my favourite children in the world, but they’re very EXCITED children, and when they play they always do so at high volumes and with things around them crashing and catching fire. If we were to spend the day at my sister’s house, we could surely look forward to a day of thunderous fun. This was not only enjoyable but extremely beneficial for my kids, who are otherwise inclined towards quiet, solitary play. Hanging out with Baji’s kids forced Beta and Beti out of their mental shells, drew them away from their comfort zones and exposed them to a uniquely active and imaginative form of recreation.

Is there any relationship more expansive and more formative than that of siblings? I want all these kids to be close, super-best-friends — always-there-for-each-other, close. I want them to have the kind of comfort that comes with having shared a lifetime of experiences together, and I want it to last forever because I believe with my very core that the kind of solace and growth they will derive from this relationship is unmatched by any other.

Maybe my hope for them has more to do with my own feelings towards my sister and brother than any consideration of my children’s for their cousins. I consider my siblings to be two of the smartest, kindest people I have ever known. Through the interests they pursue, the books they read and the conversations they hold, they have introduced me to different worlds of thought that I might never have encountered on my own. I know they always have my back even when I don’t even know that having my back is needed. And whenever I have been too scared to do something, they have given me the encouragement/bullying that I needed.

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